A story of Andy’s side-project made with Tabledo prototype

With my friend, we made a side-project to promote his book on visual thinking

Hello and nice to meet you. My name is Vas, I’m a founder of Tabledo. In the first blog post i want to tell you a story how we build a prototype for the service by solving a real need.

A spreadsheet part

My friend Andy is a famous sketchnote artist from Bali. In early 2016 he wrote a book «How to use visual thinking for what you do for a living», and asked me for some marketing. Without a budget of course.

I offered to make an aggregator of indie books that are written by other makers. A week later Andy sent me a spreadsheet with collected data such as titles, authors, prices, links, descriptions etc.

Indie books collected to a spreadsheet

You can actually view the spreadsheet online.

Most of the books were free to download, and we put Andy’s book in the third row.

Web project that provides value

My turn. In three days I made a prototype of a simple site engine. It was able to transform data from that spreadsheet into a standalone website. Then we launched the site, and Andy got traffic and sales of his book.


Take a look at Groundera to understand what we did.

The project got a lot of love on Product Hunt, Reddit and through word of mouth. A few months later Andy sold Groundera to another artist.

I really like the idea of using separate web project to generate leads. In 2015-2016 founders were doing content marketing. Today they should build small tools and resources that provide value.

— Andy Gor, founder of Groundera